The past, present and future come together behind a sewing machine.

Pack a dress, carry it carefully and in great detail.

The endless "search" in which flows the creativity of a company that focuses on the rediscovery of tradition and passion for fashion, now handed down from father to son: "russo salvatore ©" - a family of professional tailors.

And then in 2010 to life the company "russo salvatore ©". A signature that is born from a desire never faded away, the desire to preserve an ancient and noble art, passed down from generation to generation, a job, a job carried out with passion, centered love for creativity and for tailoring . A company from an ancient spirit that points to the future, enhancing and rediscovering their homeland, Sicily.

To dream, to imagine, to create from nothing, give shape to dreams. Valuing one of the highest forms of expression, CREATIVITY ', through the lines, the colors, the manual. Here it takes the form of a company the freedom of expression, a mark of quality, which through their commitment and sacrifice turns every single cloth, each denomination, in a dream and gives voice to an emotion.

"russo salvatore ©" is a visionary: the style, the class, the trends are turned into reality.

Each dress comes to life thanks to the collaboration of a staff able to be carried away by trends and rhythms, to give more space to the essence of the true and pure fashion, that changes and surprises at every season.

Dresses that recall the colors, the aromas, freshness, positivity, determination, freedom, comfort, the desire to explore, the need to express their essence and individuality.

"russo salvatore ©" - a designer that points to the creativity and quality. Dresses and classy Swimwear with exquisite fabrics and major cuts, create the made in Italy. Signed

"russo salvatore ©" 

russo salvatore ©