The credit cards that we accept on our site belong to the following circuits: Visa, Mastercard, Cartasì, American Express, JCB.

They are also accepted cards of VISA ELECTRON AND MASTERCARD, such as cards POSTEPAY.


The process can be stopped at any time without consequences.


 Credit card security

If payment for the goods purchased on the site  is made by credit card, you will be accepted from the following circuits: Visa, MasterCard, Cartasì American experss, JCB.


The complete transaction security when entering card data is ensured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer, an international standards) with a system of 128-bit data encryption. This ensures that sensitive data entered by the reach always and only the bank, which was responsible for receiving payments. No data on the credit card used for payment is sent to the site or can be saved in the archives of the website said.


When entering card data secure SSL connection will be indicated by the appearance of a closed padlock at the bottom of the browser window. Depending on the settings of the browser and operating system, it could also be a warning window that you are entering a secure area. If a mistake entering data you can return to the site and try to make payment by credit card. After the procedure you will see a page with the confirmation of payment and will be shipped directly from the bank by e-mail, a receipt of the transaction by credit card.

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Wire Transfer is a convenient and safe, and therefore, if the order will be concluded by paying by bank transfer, you will receive a notification via e-mail in which they will report the details of our bank account. In this case your order will be shipped immediately after we received clear the funds in our account. RUSSO SALVATORE reminds you that to receive a bank transfer, it can take up to 3/4 days. However, in order to reduce the time of delivery, you can send a copy of the payment receipt by e-mail to:


in this case the goods can be sent more quickly. We remind our customers that, if we do not receive payment for the order within 5 working days from the date of order confirmation, we will provide to its cancellation in order to make the products available for sale again. We urge you to tell us the date of issue of the bank in our favor with a copy of the same code and CRO



This type of payment is only for orders that have a monetary amount up to 1,000.00 euros and payment by cash only.

If you choose this payment option, we recommend that you prepare the exact amount of your order in cash to be delivered to the courier (SDA) at the time of delivery of your shipment.



The process can be stopped at any time without consequences.


The order number in the email receipt is to be used as a reference in any request for assistance.